Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Planned Serendipity

I love how ideas come to me sometimes from the oddest circumstances. I call it planned serendipity. Planned serendipity sounds like an oxymoron, a contradiction of terms but it's really not.

What is planned serendipity?

I'll start with a couple of definitions.

planned: adjective
1. Designed or carried out according to a plan
2. Make plans for something

serendipity: noun
1. Good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries

So, "planned serendipity" simply means to me that I consciously "plan" to keep my mind open to "Good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries" that may happen during to course of any given day. An excellent example is the image posted above.

Yesterday, I was trying to decide what to do for my 365 Project. I had a couple of ideas but neither one really excited me so I decided to take care of some errands and see if anything else would pop up.

First, I needed to go to the pharmacy just done the hill from where I live and then stop by the grocery store just up the way to pick up a few items. As I was standing in the line at the checkout at the pharmacy, the song "Faithless Love" by Linda Ronstadt was playing. I've always loved that song and it stuck in my head.

Then, as I walked into the grocery store, there was a large assortment of roses on sale which were probably left over from Valentine's day. I casually glanced at the roses and continued down the aisles to do my shopping but the song was still playing in my head.

As I headed to the checkout at the grocery store, the image above suddenly popped into my head. I immediately turned around, went back to the other end of the store and picked up a dozen roses and as soon as I got home I began working on making the image.

So, the image above is completely a result of this planned serendipity wherein my mind was open to making unexpected discoveries through the unexpected juxtaposition of two seemingly unrelated circumstances.

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