Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Yesterday was an especially difficult day. Not that any day has been especially easy lately but, yesterday marked exactly four weeks since my Sweetie Lyn died and two weeks since I was forced to move out of the house that I had shared with Lyn for almost nine years.

Everything seems so exceptionally difficult and I’m still finding it very hard to just move through the day and do the things that must be done. My concentration on any one thing is pretty much non-existent since thoughts of Lyn constantly intrude and my mind constantly wonders back to when she was still alive.

Of course, being essentially homeless at almost sixty-one years of age isn’t helping matters. I’m still trying to find a job so I can then find a place of my own to live but this is all very, very difficult. The pain of losing Lyn is still too fresh, like an open wound. Sure, it will eventually heal but it’s going to leave one hell of a scar. I miss my Sweetie so bad I can hardly stand it every single minute of every day

Everyone tells me I’ll get through this. I’m sure I will just as others have but that doesn’t make it any easier. Hopefully I'll make it through this dark period and back into the light.

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